Adopting 4 Siblings In Order Not To Separate Them, This Couple Claims “Now They’re A Happy Family”

This American couple was in charge of caring for and safeguarding four young brothers who shared an orphanage.

Parenting involves compassion, mercy, and patience, and it extends well beyond a biological bond. That’s why an adopted parent isn’t all that different from a biological one. This American couple was in charge of caring for and safeguarding four young brothers who shared an orphanage.

Brandon and Jennifer Pratt have always wished to adopt as many children as they possibly could. They didn’t expect their two-person family to grow to six persons overnight. The Pratts had a unique connection to Brazil, so when they first saw these four boys in a Christian orphanage in Recife, Pernambuco, they knew they were the ones right away and didn’t hesitate.

“At first glimpse, Jennifer and I both teared up,” Brandon confessed. “We understood right away that these were our boys,” says the narrator.

Because they believed that adopting just one or two of the boys would immediately divide the family, the couple decided to do what was best for the children. As a result, Brandon and Jennifer Pratt agreed that growing up together would make life smoother and more enjoyable for them all, and they began the legal process right once.

“We decided to adopt them. all four to prevent them from growing up apart. They are calm children and they adapted easily!” they added.

After over 2.5 years of paperwork, Brandon and Jennifer were able to officially welcome Cristiano, Leandro, William, and Enzo into their family. The youngsters faced significant difficulties in adapting at initially, particularly due to language problems, but they were and continue to be quick learners.

“After six months here, they nearly completely stopped speaking Portuguese and just talked English. It all happened in a flash. Now, if I say anything in Portuguese — which I’ve learned a bit of — they respond in English,” Jeniffer remembered.

The kids had a tumultuous history when their mother was taken away from them and their custody was taken away due to neglect.

“It wasn’t easy at first, but each day becomes easier, and every difficult moment, every difficult scenario along the way has been worthwhile.”

“Our family is all a family should be – joyful and loving.” Brandon said, “I couldn’t envision our wonderfully flawed family tale any other way.”


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