This Little Boy Finally Got the Baby Brother He’s Been Waiting For — and the Photos Are Priceless

Jessica Marotta, the cute little redhead from Massachusetts, had been asking when they’d have a family for years. Jessica had struggled with infertility in the past, so she was wary about raising Mikey’s expectations too high. After a miscarriage in early 2017, the family had nearly come to terms with the fact that they wouldn’t be able to have another kid.

Jessica told POPSUGAR, “We would simply tell him when it was time it would be time. After a few years of answering queries, she came to rely on the words “someday, friend.” After discussing with her husband one evening, Jessica realized she might still be happy with a family of three.

But everything changed in the summer of 2017, when Jessica found out she was expecting her second child. Despite the fact that she and her husband were both terrified and overjoyed by the news, no one was happier than their son Mikey.

Jessica recalled, “He was overjoyed that he was finally receiving his baby brother. He couldn’t wait for him to come and would tell me all about the things he planned to do with him. If we went to the store to buy a toy, he’d pick out two items and say, This one is for me and this one is for my baby brother.'”

However, the Marotta’s family would have to wait longer than intended to bring their little bundle of joy home. Baby Jake was diagnosed with intrauterine growth restriction, a rare condition in which the baby does not reach a normal weight during pregnancy and must be delivered through emergency C-section.

Mikey was not allowed to hold his infant brother until he was 11 days old since Jake was delivered prematurely. Mikey, on the other hand, was overjoyed despite the delay, especially since Jake shared his red hair. “He was ecstatic, but I guess a bit scared,” Jessica added. “He was giggling the entire time.”

Thankfully, Jake was finally strong enough to come out of his incubator and meet his biggest fan after a grueling 60 days in the NICU. The moment Mikey got to hold Jake for the first time was caught by Jessica, and it’s quite poignant.

“Every morning, they snuggle, and Mikey adores holding Jake,” Jessica added. “Another of their favorite things to do together is relax on Jake’s activity mat.”

“Mikey knew the importance of skin-to-skin contact for the baby since we spoke about how he and I handled it when he was a baby,” Jessica explained. When they unzip Mikey’s shirt and place his teeny small sister on his naked flesh, his eyelids flutter shut and he looks to be an incomplete delight.

“He was emotional and nervous as well,” Jessica added. “He laughed the entire time — it was very lovely,” Jessica added. “I genuinely believe they will be close for the rest of their lives.” “I have a feeling Mikey knew this little brother of his was coming all along — it was only a matter of time.”


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