Breastfeeding 6-Year-Old and 5-Year-Old Sons Before School, This Mom Makes People Admire With Her Reasons

This 39-year-old woman still breastfeeds her two boys, who are 5 and 6. One of the reasons she cites is that nursing makes them feel better.

Sheryl Wynne, 39, of Wakefield, West Yorkshire, still breastfeeds her two kids, ages five and six, before they go to school and will continue to do so until they feel it’s time for them to be independent. She maintains that nursing her school-aged children is perfectly normal, claiming that it has sealed a lifetime link between them and even brought them closer together.

Sheryl Wynne, as a result, nursing her children before school, in the evening, and all night. This 39-year-old mother thinks that ‘mommy milk’ is the ‘ultimate parenting tool,’ since it soothes and consoles her boys when they are sick or distressed. She does, however, admit to receiving negative feedback from other family members on a regular basis. They even wonder if the fact that she is still breastfeeding her children has something to do with their conduct, but the mother of two responds, “That’s children.”

However, these unfavorable remarks from family and friends haven’t swayed her, and she still sees nursing as a means to soothe and bond with her children.

“It’s all about comfort,” she explained. “If they’re sick, it’s where they want to go to help them relax, but we don’t live in a culture that encourages that after childhood, so we don’t see it.”

“I’ve been fortunate in that I’ve had no negative feedback from outsiders, but family members and acquaintances have asked whether I believe I should stop.”

“They wonder if my children’s behavior has anything to do with the fact that they were nursed. They’re a lot of work, but that’s what kids are for.” – she continued.


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