This Brainteaser Seems Simple But Actually, It Points Out Our Brain’s Imperfections

Brainteasers, as their name implies, are cunning creatures. Sometimes the answer appears to be so apparent that you don’t know you’ve been on the incorrect route all along.

Take a peek at this one and make certain you’re paying attention.

The right answer will be given farther down this page.

Isn’t it simple?

What’s your response? 10? Or is it 1?

If that is the case, we hate to notify you that you are incorrect. The proper response is:

Confused? We can’t say we blame you. It’s typical for individuals to just add up all the 1s, believing that each digit is followed by a + sign. However, if you look closely, you’ll see that after the two 1s at the end of the second line, there is no +!

This indicates that the number 11 appears twice, separated and written over two lines. As a result, the right answer is 28.

Do you see where you made a mistake before? Or are you one of those cunning geniuses that figured out the answer the first time? Pass this one on to your friends and see who can crack the code first.


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