Back To School: Solve This Math Problem Without Using A Calculator

Without using a calculator, solve the issue.

The following challenge is a typical basic school arithmetic issue. If you want to achieve the proper outcome, you must recall the order of procedures, which is not simple after all these years.

The task is shown below. Are you able to fix it?

Are you up to the challenge? If not, the solution may be found below the image below.

Here’s the answer:

288 is the right answer. How did we arrive at that figure? We’ll take you step by step through the procedure.

To begin, we must determine the number within the parenthesis, 9 + 3 = 12. After that, we have the following problem: 48 2 (12).

The parentheses are then removed, and a multiplication sign is added: 48 2 x 12.

The issue is then solved from left to right, yielding 288.

Are you sure you got the right answer? Congratulations if you did!


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