Can You Train Your Brain To Figure Out The Answer To This Tricky Math Puzzle?

The math problem.

Math puzzles are not only entertaining, but they’re also a wonderful method to refresh your memory on topics from the past that may look outdated but are being utilized today. That’s the wonderful part about arithmetic that most folks don’t realize.

The universe of numbers and problem-solving strategies never changes. It’s utilized in everyday life, whether you’re cooking, managing your money, or simply making a transaction. As a result, please take advantage of each opportunity you have to improve your arithmetic abilities.

For the time being, we’d want you to glance over the graphic above and tell us what you think! HINT: We guarantee it’s easier than it appears, but only if you grasp the problem-solving approach.

The correct response

We hope you’ve worked out the correct answer by now! And if you said yes, let’s take advantage of this opportunity to see how well you actually performed.

36 is the correct answer! All you had to do was follow the steps in the correct order. Was it possible for you to score appropriately or not?


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