You Can’t End an Unhappy Relationship? The First Thing You See, Will Reveal the Real Reason

The Real Reason Will Be Revealed by the First Thing You See:

What was the first thing you noticed? Read the outcome.

The lady who reads:

If you saw the lady read for the first time, your greatest worry of the possibility of an ending is that you will be alone forever. Even if your relationship appears to be doomed, you’d rather stick it out than risk the uncertainty of finding new love. It’s not tough to start a new relationship, and if you’re looking for real love, be open to it and don’t allow fear get in the way. You are deserving of the finest, and you can get it!


You understand that relationships are built on giving and receiving, but you’re afraid of not being able to put the needs of others ahead of your own, so it’s more comfortable to be with someone you’re familiar to, who may be selfish at times.

Change your mind and be willing to start all over again.

Faces in the clouds:

Your concern is that you will never be able to connect with someone as profoundly as you do with the person with whom you are presently living. If your present love story hasn’t worked out as planned, don’t underestimate yourself or your capacity to express strong feelings with another person.

The waterfalls:

If the two waterfalls were the first photos you noticed, you’re worried your present spouse may notice something better.

Yes, it appears to be stingy, but this is the truth. You already feel uneasy just imagining that the desire is with someone else. So get comfortable. If things doesn’t work out, it’s most likely because you’re not meant to be together.

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