The Challenge That Puzzles Thousands: Which Of These “Women” Is Actually A Man?

Which of them is a man?

Three women may be seen in the image below. Or, more precisely, two ladies.

One of the three people is a male who is disguised as a lady.

Can you figure out which one isn’t a woman? This is the image.

Is it visible to you? Take a peek around.

Nothing? We may offer you a little hint by saying that the exposing element is above the shoulders.

Here’s the solution:

Do you know what you’re going to say? If you don’t have one, you should come up with one because the right answer is underneath this image. Are you ready for it? Here’s the solution.










Number two, there’s the man!

What evidence do we have for this? We can tell that individual number two has an Adam’s apple if we look at his neck.

There you have it!


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