90% Of Viewers Couldn’t Figure Out Which Of These Women Is Planning To Break Up! But Can You?

We’ll put your abilities to the test today with a simple yet perplexing image puzzle involving three girls. While they are all the same, their hand positions change, and you should figure out which one is intending to split up with her partner today based on this.

Do you have any suggestions yet? It may not be as simple as you think to arrive to the correct solution, but we’re here to assist you.


First, let’s have a look at lady #1

Her head is resting on her left hand. She is clearly bored, which is why she entertains herself by fantasizing. While her partner could need some fun training, he isn’t in danger of being dumped tonight since the woman is too preoccupied with her life choices.


Let’s now take a closer look at the woman on the far right. She has her finger over her nose and is half covering her lips

When someone hides their face in this manner, they are frequently lying or concealing information. She’s clearly not giving her boyfriend everything he needs to know, but there’s no indication that she intends to quit their relationship.


What about the lady in middle?

She is stroking her chin, implying that she is contemplating a difficult decision. She also exudes confidence and appears to have made up her mind on how to handle the break-up.

If anybody is about to end their relationship, it’s her!


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