Attention Test: Which Woman Is the Patient’s Wife?

This is a test that you should take seriously.

Are you able to see even the tiniest details? I’m not sure. So now I recommend that you have a look at this. Try to figure out which of the two women is the patient’s wife by looking at the photo closely.

Two ladies and a man are seen in the photograph. The woman in red has expressed her disapproval, prompting the patient to open his mouth. The woman in green seemed to be enraged at the scenario.

What is the right answer?

Because she curses him, it is more plausible to believe that the woman in red is the patient’s wife; this may happen in couples. But try to put reasoning aside and focus on the specifics.

A woman wearing a green wedding band may be seen on her hand if you look attentively.

This indicates that the woman in green will be the patient’s wife.

But who will be the red-dressed lady? This is most likely the mother of the sufferer. She had a quarrel with her son because she is dissatisfied with something. Perhaps the man wound himself in the hospital for neglect, and his mother scolds him. This happens in real life as well.

This is the solution:







ANSWER: On the other side, the woman in green is furious because this is her beloved hubby.


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