There Is Something Wrong In This Picture! How Fast Can You Spot The Mistake?

It’s always a good idea to solve picture puzzles to enhance your observation abilities. Whether you aim for easy or hard stages, giving your partner a small push now and again might help you deal with real-life issues. Below is a photo of a kitchen table with several practical details. However, there is something very wrong with the image – do you think you can identify the mistake?

This picture puzzle was difficult for 9 out of 10 visitors to solve. If you can’t find it straight away, don’t worry; the creators of the curriculum made it extremely easy to understand. Close your eyes or look away for a moment, then return to the puzzle with a fresh viewpoint to see if you can identify the misatke.

The answer is below, but don’t check it out just yet; make sure you give it your all first! Let’s have a look at the image now. There appears to be something wrong with this photograph. These are all common ingredients and recipes that you should have in your kitchen.

So, what could the mistake possibly be? The cook is preparing something delicious, but a mistake might ruin his or her meal! If you haven’t figured it out yet, scroll down to see the answer. But, before you do, take another look at those jerks!
Are you ready to find out the answer? It’s here…


The tops of the pepper and salt shakers have been swapped, as you can see! That was a difficult one! Do you want to use too much pepper or salt in your food, whether you’re cooking or baking?


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