The Word You See First Reveals Something Hidden About Your Personality

“We see what we want to see,” as the adage goes. To some extent, this is correct! Things that we think about, enjoy, or mirror our personality are unconsciously attractive to us. As a result, when you look at a word puzzle like the one below, the first word you see reveals a lot about you and the type of person you are!

Scroll down to see what the word you saw first says about you.

#1 Honest

If you were the first to notice this term, you are sincere, truthful, and honest. Despite the fact that the list contains negative terms, you were drawn to “honest” because you are the type of person who enjoys being open and honest with others. Being honest is challenging, but you recognize the significance of this quality and admire it in others.

#2 Love

Your world revolves around love! If this was the first word that sprang to mind, you are a kind individual who puts her heart on her sleeve. You are always looking for the positive in the world and may elicit love from anybody or any scenario. You have a giving, warm, and highly kind nature. You are one of the few persons on the planet who loves as completely and unreservedly as you do.

#3 Kind

Few individuals are genuinely nice, and even fewer people notice this word first. These days, few people possess the quality of kindness. If you noticed this term initially, it’s because your subconscious is attempting to show you how unique you are. Your greatest quality is kindness, which your loved ones appreciate beyond anything else.

#4 Death

If this was the first word you saw, you have a personality that is preoccupied with death. It indicates a dark part of your personality as well as a morbid streak. People with this personality type might be pessimists or merely profound thinkers who are preoccupied with life’s purpose.

#5 Wise

This term attracts those who are contemplative and enjoy contemplating the deeper aspects of life. If you were the first to notice this term, you are the sort of person who is constantly trying to understand rather than judging things. You think that genuine wisdom comes from knowledge, and you have more knowledge than others.

#6 Rage

If this is the first word you’ve seen, your spirit is boiling with rage. You may not realize it, but your subconscious is attempting to tell you that you have internal fury and that you need to handle it before it explodes and destroys you or someone else. This rage might be the result of past trauma or pain.

#7 Doom

It’s a sign of rebellion if you’re the first to notice this term. It shows that you desire to make a difference and go against the grain of society and expectations. You may be labeled an anarchist if you wish to bring civilization to an end so that you can create something better, something lovely. This is a term that few people notice first.

#8 Loyal

People who are drawn to this term are motivated by loyalty and place a high value on it. You recognize its worth and work hard to get it, but once you have it, you will never betray or deceive someone you care about. Backstabbers irritate you, and individuals who aren’t as loyal as you are perplex you. Loyalty is what motivates and defines you.

#9 Truth

You are a seeker of the truth. If this was the first word that sprang to mind, you are the type of person that despises lies and is always on the lookout for the truth. While many individuals respect the truth, not everyone seeks it out because they are frightened of it. However, knowing the hard reality is preferable than knowing a white lie. You place a premium on honesty in yourself and others.

#10 Break

You may try to hide it, but you have a negative side to your personality. If your subconscious was pulled to this word, you have a personality that is always attempting to break away from the constraints of “normalcy.” You detest being boxed in and branded, and you’re glad to smash things in order to make something new. You are drawn to the notion of revolution and would make an excellent anarchist leader.

#11 Hate

If this was the first word that sprang to mind, it’s possible that your evil side has taken control. Your subconscious may be attempting to inform you that your negativity is taking control by continually battling between your light and brilliant side and your darker tendencies. You may be motivated by hatred as a result of a particular event or experience, but you must not allow it to consume your soul. Hate may be toxic, and you must be cautious while letting go of it.

#12 Trust

You have both the ability to trust and to be trusted. If you noticed this as the first word, it spoke to your natural trust in the world. You appreciate the significance of someone’s trust in you, as well as the importance of being able to trust others. It’s one of the rarest traits to possess, and it distinguishes you as the first person to notice this term.


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