This Tricky Riddle Is Stumping The Internet! Can You Answer It?

For a long time, the 3 guys enter a room riddle has been one of the most perplexing on the internet. Here’s how three men enter a room and solve a mystery with an explanation.

Three guys enter a room, but only two leave.

Nobody is in the room when you return your gaze.

Is that even possible?

The right answer to the puzzle “three guys enter a room” is:

Because the third guy is confined to a wheelchair, he exits the room by rolling rather than walking.

Now that we’ve figured out the solution to this perplexing puzzle, let’s try to explain it. Let’s start by reading the puzzle sentence again. “Three guys enter a room, but only two walk out,” says the riddle. The room is devoid of people. “Where is the third man?” says the narrator.

If you carefully read the first phrase, it indicates that three guys enter a room, but only two of them leave. The men stepped into the chamber is not stated elsewhere in the riddle. “Two walk out” is referenced in the second half of the puzzle. This indicates that two guys left the room.

As a result, we can confidently state that the third man exited the room on a wheelchair.


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