Viral Eye Test Checks Whether People’s Vision Is At The Peak

Our eyes are fragile and susceptible to a variety of influences. The recent increase in time spent looking at displays on gadgets such as phones, computers, and televisions has not proven beneficial.

Many individuals are unaware of the dangers of excessive screen usage, and their eyesight quickly deteriorates.

That’s why we’ve prepared a fun eye exam for you! You can take this short eye exam in addition to the formal eye test you’ll get at the hospital to discover how soon you need to visit an optician.

There are four numerals in total in the image below, and you must identify each one using only your eyesight.

If you happened to see:

6001: This indicates that you are nearsighted and may have astigmatism.

6661: Although you have astigmatism, you are not nearsighted.

5670: You just have nearsightedness and no astigmatism.

If you answered 5691, though, your vision is at its finest!

The following actions can be taken to avoid potential eye defects:

1. Always wear the correct glasses. Wear sunglasses that filter 75–95 percent of visible light while blocking 99–100 percent of UV-A and UV-B rays, for instance. Also, if you need glasses or contact lenses, follow your doctor’s advice.

2. Time-out: As a kind of eye strain prevention, take a break from what you’re doing. You may also use computer viewing glasses to decrease the screen’s light output.

3. Give up smoking;

4. Eat a balanced diet;

5. Get plenty of rest;

6. Visit the hospital on a regular basis for checks.

If you answered any of the three “wrong” questions, make an appointment with your doctor. It’s critical that you pay close attention to your eyes!


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