Riddle That Baffles The Adults: Can You Figure Out The Missing Number?

Here’s your task for today: you must determine which number belongs to the cow, but in order to do so, you must pay attention to the numbers of other animals. Do you see the connection?

It took us a long time to solve this puzzle (we won’t say whether or not we cheated and looked up the solutions).

It’ll be waiting for you below whenever you’re ready for the reveal.

Are you prepared for the answer?
Here’s how the numbers came to be: what sound does the depicted animal make? Bee – buzz, cat – meow, dog – bark, pigeon – coo, thus cow – moo is the result.

The cow’s number is three.

Isn’t it amusing how simple this puzzle is? This is why 1st graders can answer it easily because they don’t make it too complicated!


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