‘IQ Test’: 9 Out Of 10 People Fail To Solve All FIVE Riddles! Can You Correctly Answer These Challenges?

Can you solve all five of these puzzles, which range in difficulty? Each one requires a distinct style of thinking, which might help you determine your problem-solving skills. Of course, answering riddles isn’t the same as taking an IQ test, which is generally lengthy and comprehensive in order to assess many types of intellect. Solving puzzles oneself, on the other hand, may be just as illuminating. Plus, figuring them out is a lot of fun!

There are a total of five questions here. But don’t start scrolling right away! If you want a clue, it comes after each question, and the solution comes right after that. So wait until you’re ready to check your answer before scrolling.

Are you able to solve these five puzzles?

The Five Sisters (Riddle #1)

In one room, there are five sisters. Emily is preparing a meal. Barbara is engrossed in a novel. Emily is a chess player.

Jaime is putting the wash away. What is the fifth sister up to these days?

Here’s a clue: Every sister in the room is engaged in some sort of activity. Four of them were recognized by their names and the activities they were engaged in. What does the fifth, nameless sister have left to do?
Here’s the solution: Kathy is playing chess with her sixth sister.

Riddle No. 2 Two Daughters and Two Mothers

Two moms and two daughters went to watch a play and then had supper. One piece of food was consumed by each lady.

However, in total, just three pieces were consumed. What gives that this is possible?

Here’s a clue: Consider the following scenario: the two moms and two daughters went out to dinner and each had one part, for a total of three servings.

Here’s the solution: The grandmother, mother, and daughter all went out for a show and dinner.

Here’s a hint: For this IQ test question, think beyond the box. There’s some wordplay going on here.

Here’s the solution: The letter “C” stands for “the sea.”

Riddle #4 Begins With The Letter “E”

What begins with the letter “E” yet only contains one letter?

Here’s a clue: This one is a bit of a puzzler. It entails a creative solution using two modes of thought: one that considers the literal alphabet and the other that considers real-life things. The solution may be found by combining these two factors.

Here’s the solution: A letter in an envelope.

Here’s a hint: read the IQ test question again and take your time answering this one.

Here’s the solution: Mary is the name of the sixth daughter.

Can Brain Training Games Help You Score Higher on IQ Tests?

Brain-training games are now considered to help people enhance their intellect. Recent research, however, suggests that this is not the case. In fact, it’s more likely that the “intelligence” gained through these types of games is a placebo, and people only believe they’ve improved their intellect. People perform better on IQ tests when they know they are in a “brain training” study group because they anticipate the training to succeed.

This bias skews the results, and one research group put the idea to the test by enrolling 25 participants in a “brain training and cognitive enhancement” study and another 25 people in “a study.” The two groups played the identical game for an hour, but those who thought they were brain training scored higher on IQ tests.

But there is something you can do to improve your intelligence: learn something new. People tend to merely grow better at the game and that intelligence does not cross over into other parts of their lives, thus brain training games aren’t all they’re built up to be. However, learning anything about themselves, such as a particular strength, weakness, or favored thinking approach, might be quite beneficial. Learn another language, learn to play an instrument, or read on a regular basis if you want true “brain training.”


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