Logic Speed Test | Let’s See If You Can Crack The Code For This Challenge!

Do you love putting your logical abilities to the test with a good riddle? If you said yes, then we’ve got a challenge for you! The following is a challenging riddle. Put your mind to the test and see if you can come up with the correct answer.

Riddles are difficult, and exercising your intellect on a regular basis is always a good thing. It will therefore aid in the development of your reasoning and critical thinking abilities, as well as the prevention of degenerative brain illnesses as you become older. Aside from that, they can be a lot of fun! Read the puzzle below and see if you can figure out the answer.

Wow, that’s a lot of creatures packed into a little space. On the bed, there’s practically a zoo! Let’s get started on dissecting it. The following items can be found on the bed:

  • 2 dogs
  • 4 cats
  • 1 giraffe
  • 5 cows
  • 1 duck

Not to add the three hens that were flying above the chair in the room. There are a total of 56 animal legs present in the room. That stated, the question isn’t about the number of legs in the room. It’s a question about how many legs are on the ground. Hmmm… give it some thought and see what you can come up with.

The Solution
Now that you’ve given it some thought, we’ll divulge the major secret. Let’s see whether you arrived to the same conclusion as us.

Please start the drums!

The right response is 10!

What? How did we end up with so many legs? To begin with, there are definitely no animal legs on the floor. They’re all over the chair or on the bed. There are, however, eight different types of furniture legs: There are four for the bed and four for the chair. What happened to the other two? So, you’ve entered the room, haven’t you? Because you most likely have two legs, the total is ten.


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