How Many Hidden Numbers Can You Find In This Logic Puzzle?

Take a look at the confused image below to see what I mean. You could see one or two, or perhaps three digits, but there are many more! What is the total amount of numbers you see? First, see if you can solve it on your own; if you can’t, scroll down for the solution.


How many numbers can you find in this jumbled diagram?

Alright! How did it go for you? What was the total amount of numbers you were able to see? Perhaps you should give yourself a bit more time before spoiling it. If you’re ready for the answer, scroll down and look for it.


Here’s how to do it:

Were you taken aback by the answer? … There are ten numbers in total! Did you figure out all of them on your own, or did you need to look up some of the answers?

Make sure to tell your friends about this. Maybe they’ll be able to track down all 10 by themselves. Share this entertaining puzzle right now to see how they do!


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