Check Yourself: How Many Squares Can You See In This Picture?

How conscientious are you about looking after your body? How about the mind?

This strong organ requires more activity than you may realize! Sporting activities help every aspect of the human body, including the brain. Physical activity causes the production of hormones such as serotonin and dopamine, which make us feel calm, euphoric, and joyful. It’s already a compelling incentive to include athletics in your everyday routine!

However, brain workouts are an important part of maintaining its health.

According to scientists, strengthening this most powerful organ not only improves memory but also helps prevent dementia. It acts as a tool to improve your mind and make it more resistant to illnesses and dysfunctions.

Reading, learning other languages, attempting to acquire new abilities, and acquiring new knowledge are all examples of brain workouts. Additionally, doing arithmetic puzzles is a fun and effective way to keep your mind active!

Today I have an intriguing puzzle for you! Take a look at this image and tell me how many squares you notice.

Although most people can see ten squares, the correct answer is eleven. Have you discovered them all?

This is when math comes in handy! If you keep your mind busy on a regular basis, you can delay the deterioration of your cognitive abilities over time.


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