Can You Actually See As Well As You Think You Can?

According to medical data, visual impairment is one of the top ten impairments among people aged 18 and above, and it is also one of the most common debilitating disorders among children. Millions of individuals endure a huge social and economic toll as a result of vision loss, including impairment, lost productivity, and a lower quality of life.

As a result, frequent vision testing should be a top priority for everyone, as it has a significant impact on people’s lives.

Many people use puzzles, quizzes, optical illusions, brainteasers, and math problems to pass the time during the coronavirus pandemic lockdown, but many of them can also be used to test one’s vision and critical reasoning ability.

Here are nine eyesight techniques to tackle when you are not experiencing a headache or migraine and are well-rested.

  1. Which line is longer?

Because of the slightly slanted lines that provide the idea of an infinite train, the first impression is that line 2 is longer. If you look at the slope of the rails closely, you’ll see that they’re the same length.

  1. Are the lines straight?

Because pink and gray boxes predominate, the appearance of curled winding lines is created, and everyone assumes that these lines are not straight at first. They are, however, absolutely straight, so look at the picture’s two edges and draw the lines from these places.

  1. Which shade of the boxes is lighter?

One of the three boxes in the image is lighter in color than the others. The first is the correct answer.

  1. Which shade of the boxes is lighter?

Like trick 3, but with brighter colors, making it more difficult to tell which one is distinct from the others. The third option is correct.

  1. What is the number on the picture?

This method is ideal for detecting red-green color blindness, also known as color vision impairment. If everything is in order, the individual can see all hues as well as the number 2, but if not, they are colorblind.

  1. What is the number on the picture?

If this person is colorblind, the correct response is number 8.

  1. Can you spot the number engraved in the background?

People with astigmatism or other refractive errors may not be able to see the number. 571 is the number on the image.

  1. Find a different animal!

Looking closely at the picture, you can find the animal in the center, which is a dog!

  1. Identify the shade of purple highlighted in the red crosshair


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