Test: If You Can Manage to Solve the Following Riddles in 7 Seconds, You Have a Unique Brain

The riddles in this post are for you if you are curious and believe that logic can explain everything in the universe. This post is also for you if you need to fast wake up and warm up your brain. We’ve set a time limit of 7 seconds for you to solve each question. Ready, set, go!

  1. The killer was given the death penalty. He must select one of three rooms: the first has roaring fires, the second has killers with loaded firearms, and the third has a troop of lions that haven’t fed in three years.

Which of these rooms will be the most secure?

  1. Souvenir-making masters can place a boat within the bottle.

Can you conceive of a method to put a whole uncut cucumber in a bottle without damaging it?

  1. A female once slipped her ring into a cup of coffee while eating breakfast.

How did the ring manage to stay dry?

  1. Where are rivers without water, towns without buildings, and woods without trees?

  1. It is provided to a person three times, the first two for free and the third time for a fee.

What is it, exactly?

  1. Take 30 and divide it in half, then add 10.

What is the outcome, exactly?

  1. The monarch instructed his daughters to place three identical teapots on the stove at the same time, each with the same quantity of water. Whoever’s water boils quicker, the king’s heir will be that daughter’s husband. The youngest daughter’s teapot was the first to boil, despite her aversion to marriage.

Why is that?

  1. In Turkey, many shoe cleaners give their services for free to passers-by. If they want to take advantage of the offer, however, the passers-by are responsible for paying the cleaners.

Why is that?

  1. Your surrounds may utilize it more frequently than you, but it is yours.

What is it, exactly?

  1. James has been in the hospital for three days. He wasn’t sick or hurt, but he needed to be taken out of the hospital.

Why is that?



1. The lion’s chamber, because they’ve already perished of starvation a long time ago.

2. Place the cucumber in the bottle while it is still tiny, without ripping off the stem. Allow it to expand while in the bottle.

3. Coffee was available in the form of beans, ground coffee, or instant coffee.

4. It’s a globe map, after all.

5. Teeth.

6. 70. People usually count it like this: 30 : 2 + 10 Equals 25. When dividing, however, the number must be multiplied by an inverted fraction, for example, 30 * 2 + 10.

7. The others continued checking to see if the water was boiling by raising the top. That’s why their water took longer to come to a boil.

8. They clean one boot for free, but a passer-by is obliged to pay for the washing of the other in order to avoid seeming like a fool in one polished boot.

9. Your name.

10. He had only recently been born in this hospital.

How long did it take you to complete all of the puzzles? Do you have any more intriguing riddles to share? Let us know what you think in the comments!


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