5 Riddles With Hidden Messages That Will Test Your Intelligence

Cryptograms were invented for the aim of encrypting military or personal secrets, not for amusement.

Today, we’d like to challenge you to use your lateral thinking to solve these puzzles containing hidden messages. Demonstrate your abilities as a detective!

1. Can you tell me what my true name is?

My father works in the chemical industry.
My mum is an accomplished mathematician.
Iron59 is how they refer to myself.

What do you think my true name is?


2. Mario’s Telegram

Mario is on a business trip to a faraway land. He instructs the receptionist at the hotel to send a telegram that should arrive on February 23. However, the receptionist informs him that he is only permitted to write using the following words: fiasco, nephew, carrot, rabbit, sonata, spring, tailor, bureau, corona, legacy, soften, journey, object, happen, bikini.

Mario then sends out the following telegram:

Spring Rabbit Sonata Fiasco Fiasco Fiasco Fiasco Fiasco Fiasco Fiasco Fiasco Fiasco Fiasco Fiasco Fiasco Fiasco Corona Bikini Object Softening Travel Corona Bikini Object Softening Corona Bikini Object Soften

What exactly is the message?
Hint: The note is addressed to Mario’s son.


3. The encrypted note

Detective Robertson, one of the agency’s most experienced detectives, entered the flat where the secret paperwork was stored using his coded key.

His aide, Detective Love, had left an encrypted letter indicating the exact location of the documents. The note was discovered by Robertson. It read:


Robertson decoded the message and located the documents using his experience and the methods he acquired in training.

What were the locations of the documents?


4. Who is the assassin?

In his office, a guy was murdered.

The sufferer was able to take the knife from his belly, nail it to a calendar, and write 6, 4, 9, 10, 11 with his blood before passing away.

Sophie, Jason, Nick, Julie, and Paul are among the suspects.

Who is the assassin?


5. Say the name of the mother





  1. My real name is Felix. Iron – Fe (chemical symbol). 59 – LIX (Roman numerals)
  2. The message is constructed by combining the first letter of the first word with the final letter of the second word, and then repeating the process with the remaining words.

    Congratulations is the secret message.

    Mario wishes to wish his kid a happy birthday on his birthday, thus the message must reach on that day.

  3. “Under the carpet in the studio,” the message adds. You must read it backwards, paying no attention to gaps between words.
  4. Jason is the assassin. The numerals correspond to the month’s first letter on a calendar: 6-June, 4-April, 9-September, 10-October, and 11-November.
  5. Because this is a statement, there is no question mark. What – is the name of the mother.



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