Choose The Position You Like To Sit In, And We’ll Tell You Everything About Your Character

Everyone has surely observed that they tend to sit in the same position all of the time – the one that is most comfortable and handy for them. However, few individuals believe that their position is a distinguishing trait that may reveal a lot about them.

We’ve compiled a list of 10 typical sitting postures that will teach you something about other people’s personalities.

You’re a strong-willed, self-assured individual who virtually never doubts your own actions and judgments. You prefer to be informed and in command. At the same time, you’re a dependable communicator with family and coworkers, and you’re always willing to help and assist others in difficult situations.

You’re a sensitive and compassionate individual who strives to never be unconcerned about other people’s sentiments. You are cautious in your judgments and activities and have a proclivity for analysis: before doing something significant, you observe the issue for a long time, weighing the benefits and drawbacks.

This is the position of individuals who are easily distracted and interested in a wide range of topics. You’re interested but not overly so, and you’re open to establishing new friends. You have the ability to ingratiate yourself with people, offer clever compliments, and praise your interlocutor when it is suitable.

You may appear cold-hearted at first look, but as people come to know you, they notice completely other aspects of you: warmth, amiability, and honesty. However, when it comes to important questions, you’re a straight shooter. You’re precise, punctual, and prefer to keep to a schedule in all you do.

This person is driven individual who frequently demonstrates strong leadership abilities. You are commanding because you are always striving to remain educated and like to keep everything — and sometimes everyone — under control. You’re open to meeting new people, yet you’re a bit jealous in relationships.

You’re modest and bashful, and you often feel self-conscious in front of strangers. You’re not exactly a self-assured individual. Because you attempt to keep your sentiments and emotions hidden from others, you’re frequently labeled as a closed person.

A serious individual with a strong personality. Because you have deep ideas, rather than a bright grin, you often have a serious and concentration expression on your face. Despite your total confidence, you take your time opening out to others.

Gentle, sympathetic, and pleasant person. You don’t overlook other people’s issues; instead, you respond quickly and attempt to assist them in any way you can. At the same time, you’re timid and have a tendency to second-guess your words and judgments.

A natural leader, a bold and self-assured someone who shows it to others. Rather than the absent-minded, this stance is more frequent among focused and attentive persons. You’re not scared to take responsibility for your own and other people’s decisions. You’re not frightened of difficulties and can solve them fast.

You’re a sensitive, impulsive, open, and charming person. You’re upbeat and attempt to keep a positive attitude that you share with others. People are motivated and filled with great energy when they communicate with you, so you are virtually never alone.


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