Baby Elephant Rolls on the Floor While His Brother Tickles His Belly in this Cute Video

While you go about your day, we’re about to offer you one major cause to grin! Below are some delightfully cheerful photos of some of the world’s most beautiful species. This is a truly one-of-a-kind moment that was recorded on film.

The elder elephant, who appears to be the young elephant’s bigger brother, is tickling him with his trunk. Anne Robertson is the photographer behind these animal photographs. She had the entire event taped as well.

Elephants in their infancy are lively creatures. A newborn elephant can readily be seen performing unusual things, such as inserting its trunks into the mouths of older relatives. It wouldn’t surprise me if they tried to pick things up and consume the excrement of other elephants. Dogs, like many other species, do this, especially when they are young.

Much of information may appear weird at this point, but there is a reason for everything. Elephants in their early stages must learn to be self-sufficient. That is why they are acting in this manner. Communication is also crucial in their learning process.

Photographer noticed these joyful elephants leaping over one other at Addo Elephant Park last month and decided to have a closer look. The young elephant drew her attention since he was so active and running about having a good time.

Elephants, particularly newborn elephants, are incredible animals. It’s always a treat to visit them and spend time with them. They’re entertaining, engaging, and visually spectacular. These exceptionally clever creatures will always hold a special place in our hearts.


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