High School Sweethearts Married For 80 Years Celebrate 100th Birthday Together

True love does exist, and this Savannah pair is here to teach us all about the value of loyalty, honesty, and respect.

Billy and Nellie Jones’ tale will warm your heart and make you want to contact the person you care about. The Savannah couple has been making news for a long time, and their birthday party drew millions of people from all over the world.

In the year 1920, Billy and Nellie were born four days apart. The neighborhood adored the high school sweethearts since they attended the same school. Billy recalls his first meeting with his stunning woman. He was well aware that she was his true love.

“She was rehearsing for a play on Washington Avenue at Savannah High School. My friend gave her a kind wave and chatted to her. ‘Who is that?’ I asked. ‘That’s Nellie,’ he replied. Would you like to meet her because she’s in my class?’ He reversing the car, bringing me back, and introducing me to Nellie.”

The beautiful pair stayed together and made it through the worst of circumstances. Billy and Nellie have been together for eight decades, sharing both the good and the terrible times. They help one other in every way they can, and their love is still strong.

Billy and Nellie are now the proud parents of three wonderful sons, six grandchildren, and nine great-grandchildren.

Their 100th birthday was a milestone in their lives. The family had planned a lovely party, but the coronavirus intervened. There was, after all, a party. A slightly different kind of party. There were no issues since everyone followed the social distance standards.

Billy and Nellie were celebrated with a lovely procession by the family. It was intimate and personal. In the front yard, Billy and Nellie sat in lawn chairs and watched the golf carts, bikes, and automobiles go by. There were several balloons and a large banner reading “Happy 100th Birthday Billy & Nellie.” It’s incredible!

Nellie looked fantastic, all suited up for the party. Billy donned an unique hat with a large placard commemorating their achievement.

It wasn’t a large gathering, but Billy and Nellie thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

“It would be very, very liked if someone could handle all of this job for us,” Nellie expressed her gratitude. “I’m flabbergasted as well, not because they adore me, but because someone would go through all this trouble.”

Their family members performed an outstanding job. That is how tremendous love is celebrated.

A piece of advise for teenagers

Loyalty, honesty, and a lot of effort are required to stay together for years. It’s almost as if they’re both growing up at the same time.

“All I know is to work hard for whoever you’re employed by. And you should go to church,” Billy said.

Nellie’s life revolved on her devotion to the Lord. The attractive lady said, “Love the Lord.”

Commitment is a beautiful thing, and this pair is here to remind us that every milestone necessitates a great deal of love and respect. Divorce is so frequent these days that we all needed something to inspire us to get through the next anniversary without ever using the word divorce.

“Can’t beat dating the same girl in high school then marrying and sticking with her for 79 years.”


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