Only One In Seven People Can Get This Right – How Many Holes Are In This T-Shirt?

Today we have a new brain teaser, and this one has a lot of folks frustrated.

What do you see in this photo, in this round of “what do you see in this photo?” You should point out how many holes there are in this t-shirt. Will you be able to provide the proper response?

What Is the Number of Holes in This T-Shirt?

This shirt appears to be ordinary and unremarkable, but it has sparked outrage on the internet. What is the number of holes in the shirt?

There are four possible answers:

  1. a) 2
  2. b) 4
  3. c) 6
  4. d) 8

But which is the proper response? Take a look at the list below and do your best!

What are your thoughts on the matter?

The Solution

Now it’s time to disclose the right solution. Unfortunately, guessing that the garment has two holes is not the correct response. It’s also the same if your guesses were four and six.

Yes, D is the correct answer! There are eight holes in this garment!

Now that you think about it, you might be cursing yourself for overlooking the fact that the shirt’s neck, arms, and bottom openings are all technically holes. What about the 7th and 8th holes, though?

Like so many others before you, you probably missed the fact that if the holes in the center of the shirt are ripped all the way through, there are technically four holes ripped through the chest – two on the front side and two on the backside.

Didn’t you slap yourself on the head because you didn’t think of that?


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