‘I Want My Daughter To Have Cosmetic Surgery Because Ugly People Get Nowhere’

Carla Bellucci, 39, is regularly embroiled in controversies that she has caused. After saying she had flirted with physicians and lied about having depression in order to obtain a nose surgery paid for by the UK’s National Health Service, the ex-model became renowned (NHS). The NHS, on the other hand, maintains that this is untrue because the operation was not aesthetic. More lately, she appears to be instilling the same mentality in her teenage daughter: appearances are everything. In fact, she stated in an interview with Closer Magazine that her daughter will have to become a beautiful reality star since she isn’t naturally clever. “I don’t worry about Tanisha’s schooling because she isn’t the most intellectual of females, unlike my brothers. She will have to rely on her appearance to succeed in life, therefore she must be flawless. These days, ugly individuals don’t get anywhere.”

Surgery will make my daughter prettier

Belucci has actually put her money where her mouth is. She claimed that she invests around £200 per month (approximately $277 USD) in the looks of her daughter, Tanisha. Hair extensions, brow tinting, and nail treatments were among the services offered. But that isn’t enough for this mother, who is putting money aside for Tanisha’s cosmetic procedures, which include a Brazilian butt lift. This procedure is regarded as the riskiest of all cosmetic procedures. In reality, mortality rates in the United States are as high as 1 in 500. Belucci, on the other hand, chastised her daughter’s bottom, calling it “extremely flat” and “in need of improvement.”

“At the moment, she’s obsessed with the Kardashian style, which includes a huge bottom and boobs, as well as pouty lips. When she turns 16, she’ll have fillers, which I totally support. She will have to suit the style of the moment if she wants to be a successful influencer and reality star, so surgery is the logical choice. She’s attractive, but surgery will enhance her beauty.”

Tanisha received botox and fillers at 16, breast implants at 18, and dental veneers sometime along the road, as part of Carla’s plan. That’s a lot of money to spend on cosmetic treatments, and the mom isn’t planning on paying for everything alone. She also acknowledged that, like her nose operation, she planned to attempt to get the NHS to pay for the procedures.

She was widely chastised for lying about a mental condition and flirting with her GP in order to get the operation done on the NHS’s dime. She said that she “doesn’t care what others say.” She also appeared unconcerned with her “milking the system” since “that’s what it’s for.”

Ugly people get nowhere these days

Even though this interview took place in 2019, the mother wasn’t done drawing attention to herself. She attempted to crowdfund for buttlift surgery, saying that it would assist her mental health, but she gave up after only receiving £15 in donations (about 20 USD).

She declared in December 2020 that she will not be purchasing any Christmas gifts for her three children. Instead, she’ll spend $14,000 on botox, facials, veneers, manicures, and new clothing for herself. She stated that she doesn’t mind if others label her as egotistical. Tanisha and Jayden, after all, should be generating money off of social media. And, despite her children’s displeasure with the choice — “Tanisha has told me I’m spoiled, and Jayden isn’t talking to me” — she claims she doesn’t mind. After the stress of the lockdown, she deserves to be pampered.

“It is unethical to spoil children during Christmas. Parents who pamper their children this year, in my opinion, are hypocrites,” she added. “I want my kids to be social media celebrities, so not giving them gifts this year will educate them how to earn money on their own.”

She also urged other mothers to prioritize their own needs in order to “keep their guys from leaving.” Her concept of “ugly people get nowhere” appears to apply to romantic relationships as well. “I believe that mothers who pamper their children and don’t spend money on themselves are more likely to let themselves go,” she explained.

“That’s why their fellas stray and they get divorced.” No one wants a scummy mother; you have to put forth the effort to appear nice, and mothers who pamper their children don’t. That is not going to happen to me”.

“Inspiring” Her Children to Become Influencers

Belluci “homeschools” her children with a curriculum that focuses only on preparing them to be social media influencers. Despite the fact that their schools had assigned them homework to complete at home during the epidemic, she allowed them spend the day as they pleased, which included playing video games and browsing social media. She dismisses literature as being for individuals who are dull and unattractive.

No Christmas presents are intended to motivate kids to work harder. “It seems harsh, but I know they’re increasing their efforts for advertising deals on their social media feeds, much like the Kardashians and Kylie Jenner, so I consider myself a fantastic mother for encouraging them.”


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