My Parents Didn’t Hand Me Everything And I Am A Better Person For That

In a world where many young people’s ideal career is to be an Instagram influencer, it appears that the days of youngsters having to work for things are long gone. Much of the younger generation appears to be unaware of the value of money. However, one woman had something else to say. ‘I didn’t inherit everything from my parents.’

My Parents Didn’t Hand Me Everything, and I’m a Better Person For That

Megan Smith of Penn State University realized early on that she had to work hard for what she desired. She didn’t notice this in many of her peers.

She recalls her parents telling her that if she needed money for petrol, she would have to acquire a part-time job and earn it herself, according to the Odyssey piece. She was dissatisfied even at the tender age of sixteen.

“How was I meant to balance high school and a job?” she wondered. What was I expected to do to maintain a social life? How could it be fair that everyone else’s parents paid for their petrol but I had to labor to pay for mine?”

Whether it was fair or not, she went out and obtained a job. She is grateful that her parents didn’t just hand her those items now that she is in college (and still works part-time!).

Why Having a Part-Time Job is Good For High school Students

Megan discusses how she feels proud of herself for obtaining the things she has and how she appreciates it when others help her. Most importantly, she says she learnt early on that most of the time in life, all you have to do is suck it up, show up, and work hard.

Beyond having more money to spend, there are many of reasons why teens and young adults should have part-time jobs:

Teaches financial independence

Most of us can’t constantly rely on other people’s money to live the life we want. Having a part-time job teaches children to respect money and offers them some spending power. Knowing how many hours they worked at the cash register or bussing tables will cause people to reconsider their purchases.

They learn how to budget

A youngster with a job has a fantastic opportunity to learn about budgeting. They can look at their monthly income vs. their usual costs – phone bill, petrol, etc. – alongside a parent or instructor. They’ll be able to see exactly how much money they have left over to spend or save after that. The sooner they learn this talent, the better off they will be financially.

Gain experience and connections

Assume you’re looking for someone to fill an entry-level role for a recent college graduate. You have a choice between two applicants with the same degree of education and qualifications. The only distinction? One has previously worked at least one part-time job, while the other has never worked. Who do you think you’ll go with?

Though students frequently ignore it, the skills they learn and the respect they garner for their employers, coworkers, and other people will serve them well in their future professions.

A proper use of free time and time management

Teenagers who have too much free time are more likely to mix with the wrong crowd. That, or they’ve simply gotten really lazy! Busier teenagers learn to manage their time, and a part-time work may be a productive environment. Working teenagers are less prone to delay and get into trouble.

Learn how to job hunt

For the vast majority of the people, a job hunt is inescapable. Part-time workers learn how to create a résumé, fill out an application, and conduct themselves in an interview. They develop these abilities in a low-stakes environment, so they’ve got lots of experience by the time they’re looking for their first major job or their dream job.

Learn about various industries

Students can work in a number of settings throughout high school and university, including kitchens, food service, wineries, bars, landscaping, childcare, and aquariums. They will study about the operations of such industries throughout that time. A student working in a kitchen, for example, will learn to cook, observe how orders are placed, and get familiar with food safety rules and standards. Someone who works at a winery will get knowledge of how wine is manufactured as well as alcohol and licensing requirements. A student who works at the local aquarium will get knowledge about marine life and may opt to pursue it as a university major!

Part-Time Jobs Give Students More Than an Allowance Ever Could

It’s impossible to predict where a part-time work will lead you. You could discover that you want to be a chef, or you might discover that you never want to work in another restaurant kitchen again!

Regardless of the outcome, children who are required to work for their money and acquire the things they desire are considerably more equipped for life than those who are given everything. Parents can still provide financial assistance to their children while requiring them to accept financial responsibility for themselves. Helping your kid with their CV, taking them to interviews and to and from work, or assisting them in creating a budget sheet to track their spending are all examples of ways you may support them.

Giving your children the gift of what they need rather than what they desire will lead them far in life, regardless of how you go about it.


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