Foster Mom Raised 600 Kids in 50 Years – Took in Children No Matter Age or Medical Condition

Some heroes are among us, dressed in normal clothing rather than capes. We can’t help but appreciate those who do good and constantly provide a helping hand to those in need. Linda Herring is one of the heroes, a lady with a huge heart who shines brightly in the midst of the gloom. She started fostering children fifty years ago and transformed her house into a safe haven for youngsters with similar characteristics. Despite her affection for them, she provided them with shelter, food, clothes, and anything else they required.

Linda had no reservations about adopting a kid, regardless of their requirements, gender, or age. If she wanted to adopt a kid, she would contact the Department of Human Services right away and make someone happy.

When one of her acquaintances began fostering children, she was inspired. She soon realized that it was all she wanted to do. Linda was so pleased with her work that she approached the department and requested permission to care for children with specific medical requirements. She would not believe it if someone told her she would foster 600 children over the course of 50 years.

“My closest friend was doing foster care for teen females, and I thought, ‘Well, that would be wonderful,’ but I wanted young kids,” she told CNN. “As a result, I approached the Department of Human Services and agreed to accept children with special needs.”

She didn’t, however, devote her entire life to fostering children. Linda and her husband Bob adopted from the department, resulting in the birth of eight children, three of whom were foster children. At the age of three, one of the children was adopted. Anthony Herring is her name, and she told us her story:

“As a parent, I value being adopted much more than I did when I was a child. I’ll be eternally grateful for the life I’ve been given. She and Dad have both taught me that family is defined by people you have in your life to love, not by blood.”

Pure Love is What Linda Drew Her Inspiration

The love she has for children is the main cause for her devotion. Her sincere affection and concern made her feel compelled to do everything she could for each child she cared for. And she was always devastated when it came time to say goodbye to those who were leaving the house. She remembers every child that stayed at her house, no matter how long they were there. Some of the children she raised pay her visits now and then, and she can’t disguise her delight.

“I used to cry every time the kids left my house, no matter how long they had been there. It was really difficult for me to say my goodbyes to them. I used to wonder, “Why do I keep doing this?” since saying goodbye to a child was never easy. But I kept doing it because I wanted to offer these youngsters so much love,” Herring explained.

Her children learned a valuable lesson from her, and now they are foster parents too.

The resolution

Her health deteriorated as she grew older, and she realized it was time to quit fostering more children. Her incredibly compassionate work, however, did not go ignored. The Johnson County Board of Supervisors picked her to receive a resolution of gratitude.

“The Department of Human Services would contact Linda in the middle of the night and ask her to pick up a child, and she would meet them wherever. Linda mostly cared for small children with severe medical requirements, and she maintained boxes of garments heaped to the ceiling in her garage, classified by size and gender. At Linda’s, no one had to worry about a child going without clothes, even if they arrived wearing nothing but their underwear.”

Why is Adopting Children Important?

Every child has the right to a home and to basic necessities in life. Healthcare, education, food, water, clothes, cleanliness, and, last but not least, care and love should all be offered to them. Unfortunately, not all children benefit from these benefits since they are left alone, without a family or a close relative, and without a secure environment. According to estimates, approximately 15 million children throughout the world require a stable home.

In the United States, more than 400,000 children are in foster care, with another 114,000 awaiting adoption. The number of youngsters that are in need is frightening. No child should be abandoned by his or her family. Consider adoption if you want to start a family or are a single parent who wants to start a family. Same-sex couples can now adopt a child in several states. Make one or more children happy and bring them home, even if you are concerned about overpopulation or have reproductive difficulties. It will make you feel great knowing that you have brought joy to someone and provided them with a home. It is beneficial not just to you, but also to the society in which you live.


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