Surrogate Mom Becomes Pregnant With Own Child While Carrying Couple’s Baby

When Jessica Allen gave birth to two healthy sons, she decided to be a surrogate mother. While carrying a baby, it became a good way to make money – $30,000. She carried a baby for couple in China and discovered that she was also having twins. One of her babies was her biological son.

The doctor explained that the embryo must have split to create identical twins.

But that was just the beginning of the rollercoaster ride. The mother was present at the birth to take photos but was taken away after the baby was in the delivery room. The contract allowed Allen to spend an hour with the babies before they were taken away. In the end, Allen only got to see the babies when she asked her mother for a photo.

The clerk reassured Allen that it was possible that identical twins could be born and look different. But Allen didn’t think about it at the time.

They had beanies on with their head turned to the side so it was just a little side shot and I said, ‘Wow, they look different.’

About a month later, the surrogate mother received a picture of the baby and asked if the baby looked the same. Allen agreed that the babies didn’t look identical at all. For reference, Allen is white while her husband Wardell Jasper is black, and the couple is from China.

The mother, who was waiting for Allen to recover from the C-section, expressed her doubts. DNA tests revealed that one of the babies was not related to the couple. “I was heartbroken when I learned that I was carrying a baby that I did not know was mine and that it was taken away from me without my knowledge and in other people’s arm.” she said. “There’s been a baby who’s been my baby.”

This is some kind of incredible phenomenon that cannot be explained. It is called superfetation and is rare but possible. It was possible that Allen was pregnant at the time of the transfer and that she became pregnant after becoming a surrogate mother.

After the DNA came to light, the surrogate took custody of the baby. Allen asked for money for childcare so the authority could look after the child. But the agency offered no alternative. Because Allen had been paid to carry the twins, the cashier wanted her to return the money to the couple.

The next day, after hearing about the DNA results, the new adoptive parents knew they wanted their son. But Allen agreed to give up custody to pay the bills. As they were not the legal parents, the future mother had to sign the birth certificate, otherwise they would have too much legal trouble with the baby.

After a long, stress-laden and expensive battle, the family finally reunited. Allen tried three times to get her son back before they managed to reunite. We tried it on numerous occasions for him, and the only excuse they gave us was that they didn’t want to sign a power of attorney because we didn’t have it, Allen said. We got a call to get him back, but we couldn’t, so they thought about giving him up for adoption. After a long, stressful, and expensive, battle, the family was finally reunited. They named the baby Malachi and the family couldn’t be happier.


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