Dad, Carlos Morales, Raises Quadruplets After Wife Dies During Childbirth

You may remember Carlos Morales, the father of quadruplets, whose wife Erica died in childbirth. And he’s doing an amazing job as a father.

In March 2015, Carlos was able to bring his four new babies home just two months after their premature birth. But just hours after doctors delivered the babies, Erica died of blood loss. Since then, Carlos has been raising the quadruplets as one big life challenge after another.

After receiving multiple surprise gifts from Steve Harvey, $10,000 for the children to open a college savings account for Sallie Mae, family, friends and strangers rallied around Morales family. In retrospect, the last few years have shone a light of love and support for humanity. “First, I had the best day of my life and the next morning everything has changed.” he claim.

“My wife died after my four babies were born. She was alive, and then she was gone. She would have been fine, but she wasn’t. And that’s exactly what happened to me.”

That is the question Carlos has been asking himself to this day, and rightly so, and he continues to do so, and he always will.

Carlos Jr. and Tracey Paisley Erica, named after his late wife, weighed 2 and 3 pounds at birth. There were babysitting classes he attended to pay for bathing, CPR, feeding and managing her sleep schedule. When they were half to four years old, Carlos Jr. returned to work.

He said the sadness was washed away at a moment when he remembered thinking about the children he had blessed and would have. ‘I wish she’d seen them crawling, she could have seen them running. There will be so many more premieres that she won’t be there. It was only when my son and I realized she wasn’t going to be here that I walked through the door.

Since Erica’s death in January 2015, Carlos and Erica’s friend Nicole Todman have set up a GoFundMe page to support the Morales family. To date, more than 13,300 people have donated. The support and the funds raised are proof of this. Our family and friends have been so supportive. It’s about Carlos and his children.

It is my job to give them a great life, and they have such potential, she said. I can’t do this without my family and friends.

Let us continue to help families like the Morales family.


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