Mum Gives Birth To Miracle Twins After Suffering 11 Miscarriages and An Ectopic Pregnancy

Carla Paterson gave birth to identical boys, Blane and Blair, after losing 12 babies and years of infertility struggles. She suffered an ectopic pregnancy and conceived the twins on March 18. Carla and her partner Stephen Dunn welcomed the babies, eight months to the day after losing their mother Jane Paterson to cancer.

The couple had been trying for a baby for five years and fell pregnant in 2016 when she suffered an ectopic pregnancy. But Carla believes that the boys were a gift from God after her mother, who developed secondary breast cancer and died just two weeks after confirming her pregnancy. Carla revealed she suffered an ‘ectopic pregnancy’ in 2016 after suffering 11 miscarriages in five years. It was the start of another year of heartache as the miscarriages led to a series of surgeries and tests for Carla to find out why her pregnancy could not continue.

Carla was diagnosed with an active thyroid, believed to be the cause of the miscarriages, and underwent surgery in 2018 to remove a complete thyroid. But after the surgery, she continued to have a miscarriage. Carla then contacted Tommy’s charity, which helps infertile women.

“They offered to have tests done in Birmingham in 2019 and I travelled to a women’s hospital where I had a series of tests done which all went back to normal, but it was still frustrating. I was referred to a gynecologist at Wishaw General and she referred me to an infertility clinic in Monkland, which me and Stephen visited and did a series of tests, all of which went back to normal. On March 11th last year, the day before lockdown, I had tests to check for endometriosis and to examine my fallopian tubes and uterus, and again, everything was ok.

It was attributed to inexplicable infertility. Carla was offered the opportunity to be put on an IVF wait list last April, and was delighted to be given the opportunity, but her mother battled secondary breast cancer and the family was told that it was incurable. “Later we found out that her cancer was not curable but treatable”.

She was the strongest woman I have ever met and she lost her fight on July 18, 2020. “The odd thing was that three days before she died she was told I was pregnant and asked when I was due”, she said. We had no idea what to do and I was supposed to brush it off.

Two weeks after my mother’s funeral, I learned I was pregnant and needed IVF to have our identical twins. After nine months of worry, Blane was born on March 18 at 9.58am weighing 5lbs 5oz and Blair 5lbs 3oz at 10am weighing. I think my mother sent me a miracle.

Carla and Stephen are now enjoying life at home with their babies and planning their wedding. “During my pregnancy, I went to a twin clinic with Dr Evelyn Ferguson and his wonderful team there. I still can’t find a way to thank them enough for their care”.

We are proof of the miracles that can happen to those who struggle to conceive and carry a baby and to remain positive. Some people experience infertility, and we have had years of trying, but it can also happen to others. Get help from Tommy’s and various other infertility charities.


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