8-Year-Old Boy Saves His Little Sister’s Life After She Nearly Drowns in Their Backyard Pool

An 8-year-old California boy has been hailed a hero after saving the life of his little sister who nearly fell into their backyard pool. Thanks to the boy’s quick intervention, the little girl survived the ordeal and was given a second chance at life, reported CBS affiliate KOVR.

“I was really impressed with him,” the father said of the terrifying incident. “He’s been so calm and collected and everything.”

Tino said he was playing with Cami at their home in Placerville when he noticed that everything’s become so quiet, KOVR reported. When he looked into the pool, he saw his little sister. After hearing Toni’s screams, the mom, who was nurse by profession, ran to the pool, pulled Cami out before starts CPR, according to KOVR.

She was able to vomit and breathe, KOVR said. Meanwhile, she urged Tino to call 911. Tino explains –  she couldn’t move, she couldn’t even open her eyes. Was not visible any sign of life. Tino called 911, gave them our address and told them where to stop.

While Tino saved Cami, the 8-year-old boy credited his younger sister for teaching him to scream loud enough to alert her mother. “When Cami gave me her power, I had the power to shout,” he told KOVR. It was a blur for me, it seemed like the timing was off, but mem, it was only a minute later, he added. His mother came and jumped in and got Cami out.

The mother told KOVR that she feels lucky that didn’t get worse and hopes the family’s story inspires other parents to take precautions around backyard pools and learn about CPR. It was the beginning of the worst day of my life, she shared with KOVR, but in the end it was the best day of our lives. And I think I’m so brave because I went in there and saved my daughter, ‘the mother added. After the terrifying incident, the family fenced off their pool and cleared it away, KOVR said.


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