Video Goes Viral: 2-year-old Immediately Calms Crying Baby Sister

Kristen, a mother of two from New Jersey, knew she had to share what she had captured on camera. When the sweet moment came, she put her sweet brother down for a nap and was about to take a photo of her husband Vincent. Reformato said this wasn’t the first time her son Beau whispered things to his 6-month-old baby sister Ainsley. The video of the cute little brother went viral on TikTok, but it’s the first time his mother has shared it.

In short, at some point they need some kind of treatment to console them when they cry. Most families don’t have a baby whisperer to comfort them. It is a challenging problem facing parents, especially those who become parents for the first time when it comes to comforting a crying child.

It’s just their way of communicating. The problem is to find out what needs they have and how those needs can be met.

Movement and sound can distract and comfort a child. Swing the baby in your arms and sing. Even low tones can calm a baby.

Give them a warm bath to calm them down. Take a baby for a walk or a spin outdoors.


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