3-Year-Old Boy Has Heartbreaking Reaction To Being Called “Ginger & Ugly’ By Bullies

Everyone has experiences in violence to some extent in their life. Violence can be committed by family members, schoolmates, work colleagues and even strangers. Some people face violence in childhood, and some violence happens later in life when they are older.

We have all experienced this, and when we hear about it, we realize how serious the matter is. It happened to a three-year-old red-haired boy, Noah Gilbert, who was molested by a person described as “terrible” because of his hair color. That person’s attitude made his mother Lauren Russell sad, and she went through some difficulties. As they boarded the bus, Noah and his mother heard a teenager making fun of Noah’s ginger hair.

Noah was only three years old, but the teenager resented him because he was disappointed he did not have blond hair like his brother Charlie. When Noah asked Charlie why he had such terrible hair, Charlie surprised him by saying that, on the contrary, his hair was beautiful and he was one of the privileged few who had such hair. But Noah couldn’t stop asking his mother why people didn’t like his hair, and he demanded that his hair be changed for him. The teenager’s words were cruel and no one wants to hear them from her child.

As Lauren read out the kind comments, her face lit up. Each time Noah asked the question, she made a heartbreaking search for help and posted the story on social media. The post went viral with many posting pictures of their red-haired children accompanied by positive reactions, comparing themselves to celebrities in the public eye such as Damien Lewis, Ed Sheeran and Prince Harry. Messages of support came from across the UK, saying Noah was wonderful.

This is not the first time she has been mocked by Noah, and she is aware that something like this could happen again in the future. She hopes he will forget the nasty remarks, but she wants an apology from the teens so she can contact her high school. Lauren’s other children, Charlie, is seven months, and twins Jacob and Zachary, both have blonde hair.

This angered her so much that her handsome boy asked social services to take him away because his hair color was disgusting. The situation became so bad. For a three-year-old boy, it was confusing. The most important reason for them to go public was that cruel tyrants and minorities were warned and prevented from behaving in this way. She wanted to show Noah that there are good and bad things in the world.

For this reason we offer you the most important topic: Bullying. If your child is being bullied, you must act immediately to stop it as soon as possible. When the teasing becomes hurtful, unkind and persistent it crosses the line into bullying and needs to be stopped. Bullying is not for everyone, but it is important to discuss it with the child so that they are prepared when it happens.

It can be physically, verbally and psychologically disturbing. It can range from beatings, insults, nudges, threats, ridicule to the extortion of money or property.

It is a serious problem that can affect children’s sense of security and self-esteem. Some children shun others, spread rumors about them, and others use social media and electronic messages to hurt other feelings. In severe cases, bullying can contribute to tragedies such as suicides and school shootings.

If you detect bullying in your child, listen and offer comfort and support. Parents may notice that children behave differently, appear anxious, do not sleep, eat well, or do things they enjoy. They may also appear more excited and moody than usual, and may begin to avoid certain situations due to bullying, such as taking the bus to school.

Children often feel embarrassed or ashamed, so they are reluctant to tell an adult about being bullied. They worry that their parents may be disappointed or angry.

Source: kidshealth.org


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