89-Year-Old Best Friends Since Age 11 Move Into the Same Nursing Home To Be Near Each Other

How long a friendship lasts depends on how well they know each other, how high their tolerance threshold is and how much they want to maintain it. A sincere friendship can develop in the course of any life.

We present you with the friendship of two ladies Kathleen Saville and Olive Woodward, whose reputation for wreaking havoc has lasted for more than 78 years. Both are 89 years old and met in 1941 at the age of eleven. Their friendship is based on their similar sense of mischief, humor and the fact that they have never caused a problem in their lives. According to both, laughter is the best medicine, and true to their example, they are always in good shape.

After leaving the nursing home, Olive visited Kathleen for lunch every Saturday, and at one point she decided to move in together. Kathleen moved to Mansfield Berry Hills in English Park in 2018 and a few months later Olive moved in, realizing her companions were dealing with a lot in their lives at the moment, as they were both widows. They had a room on the same floor of the house, which allowed them to be together.

They adhered to a mantra I once read: If you have it, flaunt it. Every moment they had a moment of pleasure, and the best was laughter. Kathleen knows this and says they would giggle like schoolgirls at the way they were dressed. They could turn agony into laughter as quickly as they could.

The facility’s management admired her, they said, and Kathleen was the real flirt, while Oliva was more reserved. Manager Sally Tebbett saw her spark when they were full of mischief and never stopped chatting and giggling. They had a likeable and sincere friendship that deserved respect, and they said they would be the best friends in heaven.

Robert Rowney, DO, a certified psychiatrist and director of the Cleveland Clinic Mood Disorder Unit explains that people feel better when they have someone to encourage and support throughout their lives. They tell you when you do something wrong. The greatest gift a friend can give is to make full awareness and attention to his true friends and their presence a priority.

A bilateral dialogue improves the chances that the relationship will become strong. According to Rowney, real friends are there for you when you’re not looking for advice, and their presence reassures you. A 2011 study found that spending time with a good friend can help you overcome stress.

Rowney explained that close friends support taking the initiative even if you don’t want to hear it. As she pointed out, a true friend will celebrate your achievements and remind you of your roots.

Another characteristic of him is that honesty is important in a friendly relationship. Randy Taran, writer and producer of The Project for Happiness, writes that true friendships know how to weather the storm. True friends do not allow life to break the relationship and put it first. Conflicts make true friends, because if they are willing to understand, they are able to forgive.

Real friends are not confidential people or role models. According to Rowney, real friends remain with you as you grow and make you a better version of yourself.


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