You Need to Love Your Wife as You Want Your Daughter to Be Loved

Everyone should treat others the way they want to be treated. It is the golden rule, and it is the normal way of life.

Parenting is a big job for many people. Being a parent means that you are a positive role model for your children, which means that you treat others the way you want to be treated.

It is in the nature of children to learn new things and to grow step by step with the help of the elderly and to find their way. Parents must be the first when it comes to role models for others, and the elderly should not exclude children from observing and learning. Like sponges, children can hear and observe every movement you make and imitate what you do. Children who grow up always explore every corner.

For them, there is always something new to do. Their brains are like little sponges, they absorb everything they observe and make opinions about it. They are like blank paper, the perfect gift from the parents of this world. Nourished with love and patience, they grow into healthy individuals and make this their way of life.

It’s not just about what the environment looks like. It is also about the high intuition of children. You can feel what is good and what is bad. When someone commits an act, he is the first to notice it.

Imagine preparing for school as a young child and hearing a fight coming from the living room. Your father yells insults at your mother, they yell at each other, and just like you, it feels like your stomach is twisting. They don’t want to be in this mess. After the storm is over, your mother can be heard talking to a friend or saying amazing words for your father.

She pretends they are happy and nothing has happened to them. At school you learn the golden rule, but the role models at home don’t seem to follow it. Nobody wants to be treated badly, not even the strongest. Nobody wants to be yelled at, certainly not those who shout the most.

In the end, it will leave you with a distorted view of romantic relationships. You will wonder if your mother is lying to her friends.

When you grow up, you get used to harmful words being thrown at you like arrows. They become your way of life in the face of relationship problems.

You forget that there is no golden rule in your life. You’re looking for drama, because that’s all you know.

You have the responsibility to put your daughter on the right path. You want to impress your daughter in good hands, treat her with respect and show her what a healthy relationship looks like. As a parent and father, you must teach your daughter good manners so that she finds a lover who reflects your behavior.

Don’t blame the adults, it’s not in your hands to teach them valuable lessons. You used to have children and you learned things from your children. Their behavior can be learned and programmed.

It won’t be easy for dads to do this. They will have to rethink their attitude to life and what they teach their daughters about what is wrong and what is right. But they will get the best out of their daughters and raise a beautiful woman who knows her values and sticks to the right relationships.


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