To My Family And Friends

I went through life believing I didn’t have time to tell you how important these people were to me, but I never knew how special you were until I lost you. I believe that you will always be there for me and I will continue my life believing that you are always with me.

I may not always tell you, but I love you all very much and appreciate every little contribution you receive every day. Please write a note to your friends and family and send it to them as soon as possible, even if it is just a few words.

I know I’m not saying that enough, but even when I’m not there, you’re standing by me and helping me through difficult times. They are special and have helped me to be the person I am today and I know I am not saying it enough.

Without your encouragement, I would not have taken the steps that I have taken to become the person I am today. I should have picked myself up and started my life from scratch, but I am so grateful to all of you for picking me up after I started from scratch.

I have had some difficult times, but I remember going into isolation and writing everything down and not giving up. I took bad habits with me and this is a real bullet that has been taken away from you, so please remember when you come to me and write it down.

I know how important it is for you to find me, so please gather around me while I watch, look at me from afar and never leave me.

It was one of the most incredible experiences I have had and to this day this time is one of the most formative moments in my life.

Knowing that they were there for me when I needed help gave me the courage to fly and know that I could respect and support my needs and desires at the same time. I have the confidence I need to make the necessary changes.

I can’t say this enough: I am so grateful for the support of my family and friends, especially my wife and daughter and husband.

I do not want you to realize that I have a lot to say, and I am not going to say it, but I do recognize that there will be a time when I will no longer be there. I know that one day I will wake up and not be here, so I recognize that. Life happens and you lose people you love and you lose yourself to people who love you and know who you are.

That is why I am writing to tell you how special you are to me, I want you all to know that I appreciate you.

I cherish every second of our life together, I love you for everything you have done and still do for me. I will always tell you stories about you, every day of my life, and I appreciate and cherish and love everything you do.


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