Carry the Bible with You and God Shall Shine His Light Upon You

Life can sometimes be hard and complicated as I have felt, and life as an individual carrying it all on my own, without family, friends or colleagues. It can shift a burden on you that is too heavy to carry on your own, but it can also be a challenge, especially if you have to carry it alone.

I always carry the Bible with me and read Bible verses when I feel depressed, and God will help me through these difficult times and push me forward even if I think I can’t continue. It is a book of wisdom that will help you persevere and overcome your challenges.

The bible is sacred and when you have it with you it gives the devil a headache. The Bible is holy, and when you start reading it, he faints and dies, and there are no headaches.

The devil fled from one life to another, but he will not return until you begin to live by one of these proverbs.

The devil will try to lure you to the dark side, but he will not be allowed to do so, and as long as you carry the Bible with you, God will let His light shine on you. The moment you try to share the wisdom of this sacred book with the world, try not to be discouraged or change your mind.

The Lord is your Shepherd and has led you through all your trials and brought you out of darkness. He restored your soul, restored inner peace to you and helped you find your way. If you have faith in him, do not let yourselves be alone in this battle, for it is with you.

He is the light of salvation and teaches us not to be afraid; he gives us strength, he gives us a kind spirit, he creates a pure heart and he is our light and our salvation.

Open your soul, read the Bible, live in it, let God in and trust Him.

Let Him transform you, and you will find what you are looking for. Live by the rules, reap the fruits of life, be peaceful and kind to yourself and to others, live for God and be happy.

The devil will never be able to enter your life unless you have the Bible with you, and that is all you need to be happy. Celebrate life, believe in God, find the courage to stand up for what you believe and not let the cruel world crush you. Do not let anyone break your spirit, do not let anyone’s words or actions break you down, but believe God.


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