Beware Of Fake Friends: Not Everyone Who Is Nice To You Is Your Friend

Over the years, hundreds of new people have come into our lives, and while many leave lasting traces and others go unnoticed, we all believe that the most valuable thing is what makes us better people. Whenever we have a dilemma when ending a relationship, we ask ourselves whether we like the person who has become our person or our company.

Some people can fool you into believing they are your true friend, but in the end the mask always shows. It works all the time and it would be much easier if we could find out earlier.

Your true friends will never betray your trust and your secrets are safe with them, but your false friend will reveal their secrets to everyone they know.

Your real friends will always find time to spend time with you and stay in touch because they are really interested in your life and care about you. They will be there for you when you need something, they will also be there to celebrate your successes and to cry with you when you fail.

Your real friends support you and encourage you to follow your dreams, false friends render you worthless and discouraged. Your real friend supports you, your false friend discourages you because of their disinterest in your life.

Your real friends love you for who you are, while your false friends will never be like that. Your wrong friend accepts your mistakes and bad sides, your real friend does not.

Friends should do good things, such as keep secrets, treat you with respect, keep up with you, be trustworthy and supportive, stand by you in your absence and rejoice in your success. Friendships with the wrong friends are also called toxic, say toxic friendships are those that go against the norms and expectations of friendship.

True friendships are rare, but they are also things that make them more valuable, remember to choose quality over quantity. Open enemies are better than false friends, you don’t need the wrong people, real friendship is rare.


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