Be Grateful: Your Mom Is Your Pillar, Your Shield, And Best Friend

As a teenager you don’t have to be friends with your mother, but she is a guardian angel with inner powers who gives you the opportunity to always fly high. Times have changed and there is no one better to give advice than your best friend, mother or sister.

She looked after me when I had a stomach infection and a fever, and she always was there for me. I remember my fear of dentists that would freeze my blood almost and I was going to run in her arms.

She made me scratch her soft skin with my fingers, even though I was not afraid of her because she is so gentle and kind.

Even when I was growing up, she was still a strong pillar and a shield. She helped me with homework, read me bedtime stories, and snuck a blanket over my head to cover me.

We talk about our future life choices as we fall off our bicycles, fall to our knees and start crying, and we begin our mother-daughter relationship. As adults, we can laugh at our stupidity and talk so much more, but our relationship has evolved and developed with age. I know what moods upset us when we are upset and angry and hurt or happy and in love.

We can talk about everything because she knows how to comfort and reassure us, and we know she is good for us. She will never bore or tire us, but she will never talk down to us and she will not speak back because I know how she comforted and reassured me.

Friends can be a tremendous support, but they can’t be like your mother, and she sacrificed so much for you. She endured the cruelty and peculiarity of puberty and lived her life without ceasing to help you live your life, so you sacrificed for her.

She took you out for dinner, she was there for you while you were hurt, and you just got older, but she’s been here forever.

Life is fleeting, and the death of a parent feels like someone chopping off a pound of flesh from one of you. It feels as if the whole world stops, but it doesn’t, because life is too short and life too precious to stop.

We hear the requiem of a soul, tragic and painful, and we hear this clunky sound of departure breaking before and after. It is not easy to live under your feet on the ground, but I know that I have learned to live as a pillar and shield. I’m not sure what to do. I learned that I’m grateful for it because it’s the best thing in life.


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