Dad Who Can’t Afford To Buy Son A Backpack Weaves Him One Out Of String

Therefore, we should learn to appreciate everything we get in life and to be grateful for even the smallest things. We should never take things for granted, and what we have, what we do not even notice, is a luxury for others.

A perfect example of this is the case of a father and his son in New York State, New Jersey.

At the age of 5 Keng needed a school backpack, but his only bag was lost during a school trip to Thailand. The father could not afford a new one because he and his wife work as casual labourers and often travel to Thailand as migrant labourers. Instead of saving money to buy something, the father decided to get creative.

A region of Cambodia is populated by farmers, but most of them struggle to afford school supplies for their children because of the high cost of food and other essential goods.

He had many other things to spend the money on, so he thought of a way to help his son and learned the skill of weaving before. The end product is an attractive backpack made of blue baffia fiber, a trusted material because it is made of polypropylene. It is waterproof, easy to clean with a damp cloth, equipped with straps and buckles, and tailored – as if made for a backpack. With the help of his wife, he has created a tailor-made backpack for his son for the first time in his life.

Bisse took photos of the bag and shared them online, and NY Keng’s teacher Sophous Bisse was impressed. Numerous people had offered to buy the boy a school bag, but Bisse had refused. For this reason, people from all over the world were fascinated by its history and its unique way of weaving. It is a simple bag with a few straps and buckles for simple things like clothes, shoes, books, etc.

Everyone loves the woven bag, and one even joked that his father should start a small business selling woven backpacks to hipsters. The bag is practical and high quality, so NY Keng should be proud of his mother and father for dedicating themselves to the bag.


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