I Pray You Heal

A change in religious consciousness has led to a truth about our connection to all living beings, and has awakened our eyes to it. We tend to view reality as our life and thus the universe around us. As we explore the planet from which we tend to descend on board, we must explore and see the reality that affects our lives and thus our universe.

For centuries, practitioners have used prayer, a sense of reconciliation, and energy manipulation to alleviate physical, mental, and emotional distress. Spiritual healing may be the key to reuniting the North American nation, but the path to success is even more difficult for many people. Many people do not find their business and their life, and there is a square measure detached from the Divine.

Basically, we tend to heal and nurture each other, and we follow a square measure that is accessible to all people.

If you are worried about the sadness of the world, you can sleep well at night and your little child feels safe.

You always want to help the needy, and animals are attracted to you, but there are no other healers in the family. People trust you and ask you for advice, and you always answer, “Yes, I am a healer”.

You are attracted to certain types of stones and often have pain in your neck, but you feel full of nature. You have feelings for your hands, feet, pulse, humble and have a feeling of hands and feet and a pulse of humble.

Your power as a healer does not come from the expression of yourself, but from your feelings of love and compassion for those around you. A small child feels safe in your presence, even if they are not fully aware of it at first.


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