Hugging is The Most Beautiful Form of Communication

Embracing is a way to connect deeply with another person and show compassion, care and comfort. It is a powerful way to express love and affection for a loved one, even when talking on a mobile phone. A 2013 study showed that participants who had a 15-minute conversation with their distant partner had lower levels of stress than those who did not. We have to survive, said the oft-quoted family therapist Dr. Susan B. Anthony. In addition to lowering cortisol levels, we can also hug to reduce our stress.

Hugs balance the nervous system and reduce the risk of disease by reducing stress and preventing its negative effects. Galvanic reactions on the skin after a hug show changes in skin conductivity, according to a study in the Journal of the American Academy of Neurology.

This indicates moisture and electricity in the skin and is a great way to express your true emotions and connect with people. Since hugs are the warmest and easiest ways to feel happiness, you can start enjoying your health and enjoying hugs even more than before.

Hugging  relaxes the muscles and  lower the risk of illness, as they reduce stress and prevent its negative effects.


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