80-Year-Old Man Builds A ‘Dog Train’ To Take Rescued Homeless Dogs Out On Adventures

An 80-year-old man named Eugene Bostick has taken his love of dogs to a new level, and his furry companions are among the most loyal creatures in the world.

Bostick, from East Fort Worth, Texas, lives in a house with his wife, three children and two dogs. However, he has a soft spot for stray dogs and could not let the dogs starve, so he left them in the house, which was in a dead end.

He began feeding them, making them a place to live and even built a train to take them on adventure trips. After his retirement, he took the dogs under his wing and had more time to devote to them. He let them live with the rescuers, let them out, took them to the vet and started feeding them. And he has even built a “dog track” that he can take on an “adventure trip” by train.

I don’t know what he did, but he took a plastic drum with a hole in it, tied it up and put a wheel underneath it. Whenever the adorable dog hears him plugging in the tractor, she whines like a little girl when she hears it.

Eugene came up with the idea while he was hunting deer with a friend, and they had a barrel and used it to transport stones. He thought he could build a car for the dog and put a wheel on it and drive it around.

His brother Corky Bostick designed the seating and was willing to help, the rest is history. The dogs were simply adored The ride – Eugene explains: “They barked and jumped up, even though we were watching the road closely.

Passers-by found the sight incredibly cute, with many posting photos of the unusual vehicle on social media. Bostick says golfers like to get a kick out of trains and dogs, so he and his brother have taken nine dogs on their walks. The ride – Eugene’s story has since gone viral, with thousands of people marvelling at his brothers’ invention and taking care of the strays.

He intends to do the right thing for the dogs and their owners, as well as for the other homeless dogs in the area and the city of Eugene itself.


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