Toxic People Cannot Create Meaningful Relationships, They Only Create Victims

Toxic people can’t sustain long-term relationships they only cause short and long-term damage to themselves and their victims.

So they devalue their victims and throw them away in favor of their own needs, desires and desires for power, money or power over others.

If you think they’ve done something wrong, they apologies, but that’s not the case with toxic people. If something bad happens to you, you would rather blame everyone else than admit that deep down you are unable to love. You have no regrets, you never respect other people’s wishes or time, and you don’t care about them because you’re just imitating what love looks like. It’s all up to you, it’s up to you and you have to admit it, even if you know it.

Be it the supermarket cashier, a friend, a work colleague or even your own family member, even if they are in a relationship with you.

In truth, they brag about their achievements, subtly direct the conversations in their direction, pretending to give advice based on their experiences, but the worst thing is that they cover up their selfishness and self by saying they are just joking or simply trying to distract their minds from things. They usually live by an ultimatum: they must first get something from whomever they get it from, and when they do, they figure out how to use the help they have received.

The best way to hold a toxic person is to listen to them, but not to try to give advice or make them feel better. Don’t give them self-esteem by forgetting that other people share things, it’s not a way to shift your focus. Don’t believe them when they walk around and say things like “I like crossing borders” or “They’ll go slightly mad” and believe what they say.

What toxic people do is drive you mad with stupid things and expect you to chase after them and ask for forgiveness.

I am sorry that I threw myself so hard at her, sought forgiveness and then showed my true face. I do that often because that’s usually how it works, I have my good moments, but sometimes you have to throw everything away, throw yourself at her and throw her down, throw her off and then show her your true face.

She imitates your sweetness and kindness to captivate you, and for a while you do it to convince her, but when she least expects it, you will snap up and say, “I hurt you because I am going to take on the role of victim”. She thinks you’re the submissive, lovable person she was a few minutes ago because you were.

How to deal with poisonous people: It can be agonizingly hard to squeeze a lemon, throw yourself into a raging ocean, or spray poisonous people against a wall.

Get emergency tools and emotional savings, build a thick wall and make smart decisions before you include someone in your circle or exclude them from your life. Protect yourself by not feeding poisonous people, conspiring with them, or responding to their calls. Your friends and family have access to privacy, so do not respond to or contact them in any way.

If they want to get in touch with you, it is not a good day for them, and your days are short. Accept that you cannot change them and live with them for some reason, but you have to accept that.

Cut off the poisonous claws that hang over your life and mind, and cut off from breathing and healing. Make a wall that you have created and stick to it, but make sure it is strong enough to hold you back.


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