Don’t Play Games With A Narcissist: You Will Never Win

You may think you have what it takes to win, but the truth is most likely not, and you will never win a game with a narcissist.

He doesn’t understand what love is, he doesn’t care about anyone, and the only thing he does the best is manipulate, manipulate and manipulate. He does the same to you, but he doesn’t feel like doing it, so he manipulates you.

When you are someone who has this experience, you understand that you have to deal with it in every way possible. Unfortunately, in this case, there is no difference that makes it different, no advantage that can be gained, and no ability to take a step further or make one more powerful than it is.

My advice is therefore: stop taking the wrong steps and think things through. You can’t win with a narcissist, and the only person who hurts you in the process is yourself. The best thing you can do now is to do it, but only if you are willing to do it yourself, not because of the narcissists.

Narcissists will seek your attention and never let you go, so inform yourself of your plans and plan accordingly.

They will do everything they can to make you realize you are making a mistake and exploit your weaknesses to change your mind.

They call you, send you messages, convince you that you need to change, and call, send an SMS and send an email until you do.

Every little thing they do is just part of their method to get what they want, and they promise to do it for you if you want to. They will move you to tears and give you up to the whole deed, but they will not because they are so desperate.

They will make you believe every word they say, and they will promise to change you, but they will not. Your sweet words and sweet lies will convince you that they actually care about you and erase all doubts that you have in your head. They will convince you to stay with them and give them another chance, and you will be convinced that they will stay because they will give you a chance.

You will return to your arrogant, selfish, evil self and you will start the game over. You get empty promises and sweet lies, they show you their true face, you get the empty promise and sweet lie, but they will turn away from you and bring you back to your arrogant, selfish and evil self.

You isolate yourself from the whole world, especially your loved ones, and you blame them and try to weaken yourself again, because only in this way can you regain control.

You don’t have to be on the good side, but it depends on your decisions and if you do that you will go through it again.

Don’t waste your time with people who don’t add value to your life and go without leaving a trace. Choose to go in a different direction and give up the life you once knew and choose not to waste time with people who offer no added value in life, such as friends, family, friends of friends and colleagues.


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