Toxic People Will Never Truly Appreciate You, Stop Wasting Your Time

Sometimes you might do nice things and behave nicely to get them on your side, but toxic people pretend to not care about you.

Toxic people are not the kind of people you have to put all your energy into, and you can’t change anything, but you have to be aware of that.

People will always hurt you and the more effort and trust you put in them, the more you will be used  and disappointed. If you are allowed to do that, your energy as much as possible, but not all at once.

The more you give them, the more they will demand of you, full stop, and the sooner you see through them, the better. Nothing will make them see things through their eyes than the fact that you have seen through their eyes.

They help you so much and you feel like you deserve everything you get, even if it’s nowhere near the case. They will be sad when they see you go, but they won’t feel bad if you upset them, they will only be sad when they see you have gone.

Disappointment is not something that should be considered normal, and one will never fully realize one’s faults in one’s own way. You may love them and want to be with them, but you deserve better and it is a waste of time chasing them all the time. Stop being so obsessed and do what is best for you, be better for yourself and stop being obsessed.

Stop engaging in your life with people who have done you no harm, you are not a toy and you deserve to be treated well. You don’t owe them anything, and if you really want to go through life with them, you have to stop and grow beyond yourself before you get involved with their lives.

The world is cruel, and the things we allow into our lives affect us more than we can ever imagine. If there is someone in your life who you think is toxic, don’t hold them around, remember that you need to evolve. Sometimes the best thing you can do is cut ties with them, but remember that the world around you is changing and sometimes you have to.


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