Newborn Baby Greets Dad With A Beaming Smile The Instant She Recognizes His Voice

Every morning before Tarsila Batista goes to work, her husband greets the baby and says, “I will always be there for you.” And whenever she does, she starts kicking and moving. Father and daughter seem to have a special connection, and this is confirmed. He was so moved to meet his girl that he spoke to her while she was still in her mother’s lap.

When the healing group gave her parents the chance to meet her child Antonella, she rested on her mother’s lap. Tarsila said: ‘I put her on her best game while she sleeps, but she’s definitely going to be a daddy’s girl.

The father leaned forward to say and repeat the same words, but this time Antonella opened her eyes and smiled. People from all over the world have shared the joy and happiness that was seen on the faces of the parents as the baby smiled.

The special moment was captured on camera and the image has since gone viral, but little Antonella has endured weeks and months from the day she was born until she heard her father speak to her. Babies can process sounds up to 16 weeks after conception and up to 26 weeks later they respond to external cries and can even be relieved by the voice of their parents.

While Flavio was overwhelmed by the dedication to life, Antonella’s mother presented it as the blessing of her Lord. When he came home, Tarsila posted pictures of herself and her little girl and shared her love with the world, but she was bitten by heartbreak and love just as much as her father. She added: ‘There’s no value in doubt. And I hope that she will never forget this wonderful day.

I can say unequivocally that Antonella is a happy girl because she has such kind and warm parents. She is a rare jewel carved by the hand of God and I am so happy for her and Flavio’s family.


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