Studies Show That Husbands Stress Women Twice As Much As Children

Many people agree on the importance of putting the family first, and with all the natural burdens of life, it is easy to forget to stay in touch with the very people who helped you start a family.

Studies have shown that death and disability are not just biological, but can be caused by psychological factors such as loneliness. Good relationships and the presence of life with others can improve the mental and physical health of all involved. Loneliness does not necessarily mean having no one around you, and it cannot be without the people you love and care for.

According to the study, feeling alone, isolated and unaccompanied can make daily work more difficult and even restrict mobility.

In addition, researchers at the University of California conducted a study of 1,600 participants and found that the effects of loneliness can have negative effects on the health and well-being of both men and women. Participants who were older than 60 had a higher risk of health decline and death if they felt lonely, according to the study.

Two studies on fifth and sixth graders have shown that children who have a secure relationship with their mothers are more likely to accept peers, to cultivate more mutual friendships, to be more responsive and less critical in conversations, and to feel more comfortable around their mother. Positive relationships between parents are not always realistic, but according to the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development, good moments and positive interactions are very important. Studies on children and adult children in the USA and Canada show that negative experiences can lead to stressful encounters, stressful thoughts and irritations.

Positive experiences can mitigate negative experiences if participants share a pleasant experience on the same day. This can be as simple as a smile, a hug or even a warm hug from a friend, but positivity also alleviates the negativity of previous experiences.


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